Your Business May Be Eligible For Compensation

By now you are sure to have heard about the settlement in the BP - Deepwater Horizon Class Action Lawsuit Settlement. Several thousands of Louisiana businesses will be entitled to receive compensation from the settlement without even having to prove that the oil spill directly caused their business to have a loss. Any business in Louisiana can file a claim if they meet certain qualifying criteria. Basically, if your business revenue took a dip (even for a short period), during May 2010 through December 2010, you may be entitled to receive compensation from the settlements fund.

Receive Reimbursement For Accounting Services

The claims filing process will be rather complicated and very time consuming. Investigation of the claim requires extensive documentation, including detailed accounting records and analysis in order to pay out the claims submitted. While this is difficult, the settlement agreement has a provision that allows the claimant to be reimbursed for accounting fees. For this reason alone, you should consider using a CPA to assist with determining your possible compensation.

Let Our Licensed CPAs Help You Get Compensation

If you are in need of claim preparation services involving the newly established Court-Supervised Settlement Program and would like an experienced claims accountant to take a look at your economic damage calculations, contact us for a confidential and no obligation discussion. Since we are licensed CPAs, our fees are eligible for reimbursement by the Program. Our firm is assisting businesses throughout Louisiana with the accounting work and calculations necessary to determine whether or not they may be entitled to receive a payout. We also provide complete claims administration and adjusting services. We can make the entire process less painful for you.

New Features in Business Economic Loss Calculator Version 3.6.8 Include:

  • Improved Reporting
  • Improved Client Manager
  • Improved Client Communications
  • Improved Workbook Functionality
  • NAICS Code Lookup/Automatic RTP Calculation


  • Trusted Results – Developed by CPA’s and software engineers based on the guidelines and formulas provided by the official settlement agreement.
  • Rapid Claims Filing – Save countless hours on data entry – with required documents at your fingertips, claims can be filled out in 15 minutes or less!
  • Security & Confidentiality - Software and client data reside on your computer—not remotely or “in the cloud.”
  • Microsoft Excel Interface – Equals faster claims processing by the settlement authority accountants.
  • Simple & Easy - Includes step-by-step instructions, checklists, and built-in links to the relevant pages of the settlement agreement.
  • Detailed Calculation Reporting – Provides detail behind each step to support your calculations to make it easier for the claims administrator to process.
  • Less Expensive - Unlimited calculations, technical support and upgrades are provided at no additional cost.
  • Network/Multi-User Support – Aids in teamwork collaboration by allowing multiple users to process claims on local area networks. 
  • Attach Documents – Quickly and easily attach relevant documents to each claim.
  • Accounting Software Integration - Import data from most accounting software packages making it much faster to perform the data entry while reducing data entry errors.
  • Centralized Client Management - Allows users to view the status and anticipated compensation of each client on one screen.
  • Books to Tax Reconciliation  - Provides book-to-tax income reconciliation worksheets

Allday Consulting Group provides complete accounting support, eligibility testing and compensation calculations for lawyers and accountants.   Businesses desiring accounting assistance, claims processing services or assistance in determining whether or not they are eligible to file a claim can visit or call 1-800-259-4213.